USB Heated Seat Cushion

USB Heated Seat Cushion

The USB Heated Seat Cushion provides soothing warmth and comfort for your car, home, office or activity

USB Power

Provides safe and soothing warmth anywhere with a USB power source
- including external battery/power bank devices* with a minimum of 2500mAh capacity

All Season Comfort

Insulated bottom layer protects you from extreme temperatures (hot or cold) in all seasons and activities

Portable Design

Convenient carrying handle so you can take it anywhere - car, home or office

Comfort Foam

High density comfort foam provides comfort and support on any seat

Soothing Heat

Continuously relaxes and refreshes, adding a new dimension to your seating comfort

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12V USB Power, Cushion

15.75” x 19.00” x 1.75"

Cord length


Average amperage draw is 2A or voltage draw 5V, max temperature 143°F (62°C)

This product requires a USB power port with a minimum output of 2A.

Cushion uses approximately 2000mAh per hour to operate depending upon individual circumstances

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