TYPE S Heating Wiper

TYPE S Heating Wiper
The TYPE S Heating Wiper Blade, by connecting directly to your vehicle's positive and negative battery posts, is EASY to install and heating automatically activates when the temperature is 37 degrees or below AND the engine is running. Quick heating helps prevent build up of freezing rain, ice, snow and washer fluid resulting in improved visibility and safer driving. Be prepared to face the winter head on by installing TYPE S Heating Wiper Blades. Comes in 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inch lengths.
  • Connects easily to vehicle battery allowing Do-It-Yourself installation in minutes
  • Begins heating immediately in cold weather preventing freezing build up on your windshield
  • Activates automatically when engine is turned on and the temperature is 37 degrees or below. Deactivates when engine is turned off and/or temperature is above 37 degrees
  • Aerodynamic wiper blade design means better windshield contact and better wiping in all types of weather
  • Each package has a control unit that operates independently so that the heating wipers can be purchased separately for the driver and passenger sides. A pair is always recommended for clearly safer driving.

Available at Walmart.com and Autozone.com

Clear the ice and snow from your windshield with Type S Heating Wipers


Working Voltage

12V Only


36 degrees Fahrenheit or below (+/- 2) & within 1 second of engine turning on

Maximum Temperature

185 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 9)

Heating Time

Reaches 68 degrees Fahrenheit within 40 seconds at air temperature of 23

Heating Operates

at temperatures down to -58 Fahrenheit

Available Length

16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inch lengths.

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