Flex Mount Backup Camera

Flex Mount Backup Camera
A plug and play camera system that allows you to see what is behind you before you backup. Perfect for trailers, boats and RVs. Place the magnetic camera anywhere to eliminate a blind spot. The camera is rechargeable, which allows for hours of constant view with one charge. This truly wireless design can assist in backing up to hitch and then move to behind what is towed. Additional camera mounts provide flexibility in how the camera can be used.
  • Plug and play design
  • Large 5" color monitor
  • Parking assistant lines
  • Weatherproof camera
  • Night Vision
Included in this kit are the following:
  • 5” Dash Mount Color Monitor – receives the image from the camera wirelessly! Simply power via the 12V adapter and you are ready to go. Hardwire option included in box.
  • Rechargeable Wireless Magnetic Mount Camera – the strong exterior camera provides an instant 110* view of what is behind you, day or night.
Additional mounts include:
  • 7-Way Round Adapter for charging and viewing from the hitch adapter
  • License Plate Cradle wires to the reverse tail light for viewing when in reverse

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Plug and play design

A plug and play camera system that allows
you to see what is behind you before you backup.




Operating Voltage

DC 12V / 24V

Operating Temperature


Maximum Signal Range

30 feet/10Metres (without interference or obstruction)

Camera Water Resistance

IP67 rating

Battery Capacity


Battery Usage Time

4.5 Hours

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