Topic: How do I apply the Type S Reflective Peelable Spray?

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For best results, adhere to the following instructions:
a.      Clean surface by removing any oily substance such as tire shine with degreaser. Wipe with alcohol to finish cleaning step.
b.      Shake can thoroughly, then hold nozzle approximately 1 foot away from surface.
c.      First layer: spray a light layer to start. Let dry. Tack dried surface between layers.
d.      Subsequent layers: Each additional coats must be applied very wet. Let dry. Note: drying time varies depending on humidity and temperature of the environment.
e.      Apply 3 thick layers (total of 4 including first layer) to finish.
f. After each layer, be sure to purge the can to prevent clogging – take the can away to an open area, hold the can upside-down and low to the ground, press nozzle to spray until spray stops. Release nozzle and store.

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