Topic: How do I use a Tire Marker?

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For best results, adhere to the following instructions:
a.      Prepare and clean surface for application.
b.      Shake pen for 1 full minute.
c.      Attach the tip according to preferred tip shape intended for use (note that tip is two sided).
d.      Start the pen on a scrap of cardboard or other disposable items by pressing the tip up to 50 times in a downward motion to allow paint to soak through tip.
e.      First application: Apply only a thin layer and let dry for 12 hours.
f.       Apply subsequent layers until desired opacity is achieved – shake marker as necessary to maximize paint output, and let dry for 12 hours for each layer.
g. After use, clean the marker tip for storage by soaking in water, then reinsert tip to marker.

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