Topic: How do I disassemble the stool?

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  1. The stool is not intended to be disassembled once assembled as it decreases the integrity of the stool stability and to secure all parts in place.
  2. To disassemble, reverse the steps during installation. Please be careful when disassembling as the parts were meant to lock in place. Disassembling will require extra muscle strength.

Tips to help disassemble:

  1. Unscrew and remove the Backrest.
  2. Adjust the seat to it’s tallest point by pushing the lever upwards. Do not sit on the stool while doing this or it will prevent the stool from adjusting to its tallest height.
  3. Have one person hold the Base while another person pulls the Seat upward. This may require some extra effort.
  4. Next is the Cylinder. Have one person hold the Base while another person pulls the Cylinder upwards. This will be the most difficult part of disassembling as the Cylinder was meant to lodge into the Base for support. Usage over time adds to the difficulty to remove. Pulling the Cylinder straight out (instead of at an angle) will help dislodge the Cylinder.
  5. If it is too difficult to disassemble, please return the stool to the place of purchase, even if it is still assembled.

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