Topic: My vehicle does not jump start

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  1. Check the clamp connections. The red clamp should go on your positive (+) battery terminal and the black clamp connects with the negative (-) battery terminal. Both clamps must be secure to work.
  2. The 30-second timer to jump start your vehicle may have timed out or you did not reclamp your battery terminals between each jump start attempt. If it took longer than 30 seconds to jump start your vehicle, you will need to reclamp the battery terminals each time you attempt to jump start your vehicle. Wait at least 60 seconds between each jump start attempt.
  3. Check the battery level on your unit to make sure the battery level indicators has three or more lit LEDs. If less than three LEDs are lit, recharge the device. This may take up to five hours depending on the current battery level.
  4. To check the power level, press the power button once and the power level indicators will light up.

  5. Check your vehicle's battery terminals. Battery corrosion is a common issue and will prevent a clean jump start.
  6. Check the clamp box status lights and refer to pg. 9 in the manual or contact customer support for further information.
  7. If your vehicle does jump start initially but stops again soon after or as soon as the clamps are removed, please take your car to a mechanic. The issue is likely the vehicle charging system not the car battery.

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