Topic: What does the polarity protection circuit / Smart & Safe jumper cable do?

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Our jump starter was designed with a number of safety features including:

  • Reverse polarity protection ensures each clamp is on the correct battery terminal before completing the circuit
  • Over-discharge protection prevents discharging when battery voltage is lower than allowed and shortening the battery lifespan
  • Low voltage protection prevents battery drain when battery voltage is already low
  • Reverse charging protection prevents the jumper cables from charging the power bank jump starter
  • Short circuit protection prevents current from traveling along an unintended path
  • Overheat protection prevents the device from jump starting function when the internal battery temperature is too high
  • Spark-proof jumper clamps will not spark when clamps are connected to battery terminals
  • Timeout protection ensures at least 30 seconds have passed between each jump start attempt to prevent overheating or accidental misuse of the device
  • Temperature control protection prevents use of the jump starter when internal temperatures are too high

These safety features are monitored through a microcontroller chip to adjust as needed and also provides the current jump start status on the clamp box. The monitoring of your cable clamps and jump starter overall provides a better and safer way to jump start your vehicle compared to traditional jump starting methods.

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