Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 5" Dash Monitor

Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 5" Dash Monitor
Designed specifically to help reduce blind spots, the Digital Wireless Backup Camera with Dash Monitor offers drivers security and ease of seeing what is behind the vehicle when in reverse. Digital Wireless performance provides no interference in the monitor and peace of mind knowing your image is not able to be viewed by others. The Backup Camera is easy to install over the license plate, includes night vision, and is waterproof with an IP67 rating. The LCD Monitor clearly shows the live picture from the back of your car, and comes with a suction cup mount for easy placement.
  • Wireless Connection from Camera to Monitor - no running cables through the vehicle
  • Large 5" color monitor
  • Parking assistant lines
  • Weatherproof camera
  • Night Vision

See what is behind you before you backup™

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Operating Voltage

DC 12V / 24V

Operating Temperature


Maximum Signal Range

30 feet/10Metres (without interference or obstruction)

Camera Water Resistance

IP67 rating

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