App-Controlled Home Smart LED Light Strip Kit

App-Controlled Home Smart LED Light Strip Kit
The Winplus®App-Controlled Smart LED Light Strip Kit brings an immersive lighting experience to homes. Transform any room in less than 10 minutesto create color accents to décor or create a dynamic lighting experience.
  • Flexible and bendable multi-color light strips with 3M™ self-adhesive tape for mount to most surfaces
  • Modular light strips can be cut to fit specific locations or configurations (Note: Once trimmed, lights strips cannot be extended further)
  • Select from 49 different colors and 8 exciting lightingeffects including glow, strobe, music, prism, and more
  • Controlup to 4 lighting zones independentlyor grouped
  • Save your favorite LED lighting effectsettings for faster access
  • Use Music modeto sync your music to the LED light strips to create lighting effects
  • LEDs remain cool to the touch
  • Free Winplus® LED App certified for iPhone™4S or higher, and Android™4.3 or higher

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Select from 49 different colors and 8 exciting lighting effects including glow, strobe, and more. Create different scenes or zones to create accent lighting effects.


Input Voltage


Output Voltage


Maximum Amperage


LED Type

5050 SMD RGB

For indoor use only

Smartphone with Bluetooth required to control. Compatible with iPhones 4S or newer, iPad Mini, IPad3, iPad Air or higher, or iPod Touch. Also compatible for for Android 4.3 or higher.

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