8000mAh Aluminum Power Bank Jump Start

8000mAh Aluminum Power Bank Jump Start
Have power on hand when you need it, to jump start your vehicle or charge mobile electronic devices. This all-in-one power pack allows you to easily jump start your vehicle in case of an emergency. Leave it in the car for emergencies or take the power bank with you as backup power for any USB powered mobile device. Easily charges in your vehicle or in your home with a car charger and micro USB cable (cable included). Includes a rugged storage pouch.
  • High output UL certified Jump Starter with Smart Cable protection
  • Heavy duty aluminum case
  • 2 USB Ports for fast charging of mobile and tablet devices (2.1 A + 1.0 A)
  • 8000mAh high capacity power bank
  • Recharges up to 1000 times
  • 3-Mode flashlight (On, Strobe, SOS)
  • Overcharge, overdischarge, and fuse protection
  • UL certified

Ready to buy?

Small but Powerful

Small enough to fit into the glove box,
powerful enough to start the biggest engine.


Battery Type

Lithium Ion

Battery Capacity

Up to 8000 mAh (3.7V)

Input Voltage

5V 2A

USB Output Voltage

5V 3.1A (total combined)

Jump Start Current

200A - 350A

Jump Start Peak Current


Operating Temperature

-4°F~+93°F (-20°C~+34°C)

Storage Temperature

-4°F~+104°F (-20°C~+40°C)

Charging Temperature

-4°F~+104°F (-20°C~+40°C)

Charging Time

4-5 hours

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